Friday, April 5, 2013

sometimes you just have to laugh

I started making a list the other day of some funny things that have happened to me because of diabetes.  Sometimes you just have to laugh to make you feel better right?  I love this website when I need some good laughs about diabetes.

One of their posts I thought was funny.
A close Second place for the caption contest this week, Idea by Alanna Leah

I have had some funny things happen because I wear an insulin pump.  I got my first pump when I was in 9th grade.  One of the boys in my class consistently called it my pacemaker for the rest of the year because he could not remember what it really was (even though I would correct him.... every time). I finally gave up.  Fast forward like 6 years and I was going through security at the airport and the man doing the body scanning said to me "oh is that your pacemaker? OK go on through" I just smiled and nodded.  Sometimes its just not worth correcting.

While in middle school I had my math teacher try to take away my pump during class.  He thought it was a  pager of all things and wanted me to hand it to him because they are not allowed in class.  I told him that I couldn't because it was my insulin pump.  He didn't believe me and insisted that I give it to him. I finally showed him the tubing and told him "see? Its connected. Do you still want to take it away?"  He didn't.

Once in high school while at a football game with some friends I wasn't feeling very well.  A cute new boy came up and was talking to my friend and I.  I guess I wasn't looking too well because my friend turned to me and said "you don't look like you feel good, are you high?"  Cute boy's face was priceless... He said "you really shouldn't do drugs!"  I almost wanted to play along, but I didn't.  I then explained that my friend meant  my blood sugar was high and I didn't do drugs.

I have also had people ask me if I could put Mountain Dew in my pump.  Random right?

I love to laugh, and even though diabetes is a serious disease laughing helps!

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