Sunday, September 15, 2013

beautiful day

I am so grateful that when I was diagnosed my sweet diabetes educator told me that I could still do anything I wanted to even with diabetes. I wouldn't want to miss out on this view! 


Thursday, September 12, 2013

bad night?

My husband always wakes me up to say goodbye before he leaves to work and then I usually go back to sleep.  The other morning as he was leaving he said "sleep in honey, I see you had a rough night".  I looked at him confused.... How did he know that I had a rough night?  He then proceeded to tell me that he could tell I had gotten low by the fruit snack wrapper on my nightstand, the dirty dishes on the counter, and the bag of Cheetos I had left on the kitchen table.  Haha it was one of those lows where I was starving and couldn't stop eating!!! I pretty much ate everything in sight! Yes I did wake up the next morning with  high blood sugar.
 I for years thought that I was the only one who experienced this when they got low.  It wasn't until I started reading other diabetic blogs that I realized it was pretty normal to feel like you could eat everything!!!
My mom used to find me when I was a teenager in the middle of the night sitting in the pantry eating after a low.

frustrations with ordering supplies

I hate having to switch companies when ordering diabetes supplies.  I have had such bad experiences with certain companies that I just absolutely dread calling and ordering from anyone new.  My husband's school recently changed insurance and so now I have to figure our who I can order from now.  I had to pay out of pocket for the supplies I need immediately and will get reimbursed later after we receive our new cards.  I am so grateful for insurance and I don't want to take it for granted.  I could not believe how much I had to pay when it was full price! Ouch!!
It always scares me when ordering new supplies that I won't get them in time.  I sometimes don't order soon enough and I have ended up without supplies on more than one occasion.  Mostly it had been my fault but occasionally it had been through the mistake of a mail order company.  This has to be one of the most horrible feelings not knowing what you are going to do!